Crane Truck Hire Balbriggan

We have a number of HIAB Crane trucks available for specialised transport and general use. Are trucks are ideal for both on and off-road construction and industrial projects, even on confined job sites.

We serve all areas in Ireland but our base is close to the M1 and M50 with easy access to Balbriggan, Drogheda, Lusk, Swords, Naul, Ballyboughal, Oldtown, and Ashbourne.

Crane Truck Services

Need to transport heavy goods with a crane truck? Well at JB Transport we have you covered. A crane truck is also known as a HIAB truck and is a truck mounted crane.

A crane truck can be used both to lift and lower materials and to move them horizontally. The heavy lifting jobs we cater for are wide and varied from lifting boats to train carriages and heavy construction material.

For more information on crane truck hire or a quote don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by calling (0)87 2752268.

Excellent service, prompt and professional, would definitely recommend James for any haulage or lifting job.

Frank Brennan

Crane Hire in Swords

Our vehicles are ideally suited and designed for heavy lifting and the transportation of heavy haulage items. We have cranes capable of lifts at 21m.

Our truck crane hire services are being used by lots of businesses in north Dublin including Swords.

We also service the entire Fingal area including Lusk, Ballyboughal, Skerries, Oldtown, Naul, Balbriggan, and Rush.

Hiab Truck

A hiab truck is a common term for truck crane; a crane that is fixed on a heavy, customised truck chassis. 

Hiab crane trucks are commonly used in the transport industry for the loading and unloading of freight, (e.g. boat transport) and in the construction industry for heavy haulage.

But what does HIAB, the name, actually stand for though?

The company was founded in Sweden in 1944. Its full name is Hydraliska Industri AB, which was shortened to HIAB. The founder was Eric Sundin who had developed a way to use hydraulics to power loader cranes.

Around the same time, three Finnish brothers developed the first hooklift. They launched the Multilift company in 1949. The two companies would later find themselves merged together when the Partek Corporation purchased Multilift (in 1977) and then HIAB (in 1985).

Heavy Haulage

We did some recent work in Dublin Zoo, and fair to say that access was not the best. Some kinds of heavy haulage jobs can be demanding on our skills!

That said we’re the experts in specialised transport and heavy haulage across Ireland. For boat transport and crane hire don’t hesitate to contact us.

Crane Hire in Dublin

Apart from the size and capacity of a crane, you need a crane hire business that are skilled and know what they are doing. Check out our crane hire services, ask about our skills, capabilities, maintenance, and performance.

JB Transport has a solid reputation, expertise and adequately skilled and well-trained personnel. We are located in Dublin close to the main ports and motorway network making us available to service anywhere in Ireland, UK and Europe.

You will also want to ensure that the crane can meet the requirements of your project. We specialise in general crane hire, boat transport, heavy haulage and specialised transport services. Contact us today on 087 275 2268

Fishing boat transport

We recently organised the transport of a fishing boat from Holland to Galway. Our professional heavy haulage transport trucks are able to service large loads like this. In some cases road transport can be the most efficient method of all and is applicable to boats of up to a large size.

Anyone who doubts this only needs to look at the choice of location for one of Europe’s largest boat builders, Bavaria Yachtbau. The factory, which builds craft of up to 56ft, is in Southern Germany, more than 350 miles from the nearest sea!